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Who is Eligible for Services?

Virginia Tech undergraduate and graduate students who have paid the student health fee are eligible to use Schiffert Health Center. With the exception of selected services, your visits to Schiffert Health Center are covered by the health fee.

Spouses, family members, faculty and staff are not eligible for treatment at Schiffert Health Center. Part-time students have the option to pay the health fee through Student Accounts or at Schiffert Health Center or may pay for services on a fee for service basis. Fee for service charges will be billed through Accounts Receivable.

If you are taking summer courses, were a full-time student the previous spring semester and are enrolled to be a full-time student the following fall semester, you will be treated on a fee for services basis.

Payments may be made at Schiffert Health Center at the time of service by cash, check or Hokie Passport or payments may be sent to Accounts Receivable for collection. Currently, Schiffert Health Center does not accept credit cards. If you would like a copy of your medical record, you need to submit a $10 check and your signed Release Form (PDF | 13KB) to Schiffert Health Center.

Graduate Students' Summer Eligibility

Graduate Students who are enrolled in graduate study in the prior spring semester and will be enrolled in the upcoming fall are eligible for continued health services during the summer months.

  • If enrolled in either summer sessions I and II, service is maintained throughout the summer through a two-term fee that is assessed as part of enrollment.
  • If not enrolled in summer classes, but working informally toward a degree at Virginia Tech, you can elect to purchase summer helath coverage (running from the end of spring semester to the beginning of fall semester). Or, you can elect to pay by fee for service. Either of these fees can be paid at Schiffert Health Center by check, cash, or Hokie Passport.
  • Graduate students not enrolled in the previous term or who will not be enrolled at Virginia Tech in the upcoming fall are not eligible for summer campus health service.
  • Please note that if a student is covered by the Virginia Tech student health insurance offered through the university's Department of Risk Management, some co-pays for outside provider referrals are reduced when the referral is made by Schiffert Health Center.