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Charges at Schiffert Health Center

The student health fee, included in each year’s tuition, covers the majority of services provided by Schiffert Health Center – unlimited visits and most laboratory procedures. However, some services require a minimal fee. Fees are billed monthly from Accounts Receivable. If you visit or are referred to any outside health care provider, you are responsible for all charges incurred there.

There are some services at Schiffert Health Center that require a minimal fee:

  • Medications obtained through our pharmacy
  • Immunization costs vary depending on the immunization and the cost to Schiffert Health Center
  • Orthopedic equipment: Cruthes, canes, and other reuseable equipment can by borrowed from Schiffert Health Center. If these are returned by the due date, there is no charge. A charge will accrue daily if the items are late being returned. Students must purchase all other orthopedic equipment prescribed by our health care provider. Charges vary depending upon equipment purchased.
  • Laboratory services: The student health fee covers most in-house laboratory services, however some tests are not covered. If an outside health care provider orders a laboratory test, you may have the test performed at Schiffert Health Center. In this case, you will be billed for the phlebotomy charge and the test.
  • Partial list of some other chargeable items:
    • Pap smear
    • H. pylori test
    • Chlamydia screen
    • Herpes screen
    • X-rays
    • Allergy injections
    • Phlebotomy charge

The above list is not all-inclusive. Ask your health care provider at time of service if there are any charges involved.

Questions regarding Schiffert Health Center billing information can be asked through email with our business office at