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Spring Break Safety

Some college students will be traveling for Spring Break. Before your student heads off on vacation, they should be aware of health and safety issues, even for common destinations such as Cancun or the Caribbean. As parents and family members you should discuss the importance of safety while enjoying a week without classes.

Here are a few key health points to cover:

  • Drink Smarter: Dehydration and alcohol don’t mix. Hot weather, intense sun, hot tubs, warm pools or ocean can dehydrate you faster. This means the effect of alcohol will be stronger. Also, keep your drink with you and don’t accept drinks you didn’t see made.
  • Swim Safely: Be aware of swimming conditions daily. Don’t swim alone. Wear proper flotation devices during water sports. Don’t drink and swim.
  • Use Sunscreen: A painful burn can quickly ruin a vacation.
  • Practice Safe Sex: No matter what choice your student makes, ensure they are prepared with the right knowledge and protection. This includes carrying condoms if they think sex is a possibility. As important as protection is consent. Empower your student to identify consent for themselves and to be an active bystander.