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Academic Relief

Virginia Tech recognizes that significant medical problems can impede the progress of a student on their path to completing their degree. In some instances, students may wish to seek academic relief. 

Academic relief typically entails a complete withdrawal from the university. For medical reasons, it also requires a hold on readmission until the student provides a letter of recommendation from the treating professional supporting the student’s return to the university. 

More information about the academic relief process can be found here.

Students who believe they may qualify for academic relief can access the online portal to initiate the process.

Additional documentation may be requested. These can be mailed, faxed, or submitted in person to:

ATTN: Phyllis Smith
Schiffert Health Center (0140)
McComas Hall, Virginia Tech
895 Washington Street, SW
Blacksburg, VA  24061
540-231-5313 (Phone)
540-231-7473 (FAX)