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Radiology Xray Machine

Schiffert Health Center Radiology provides routine diagnostic digital X-ray services to students. To obtain an x-ray, a signed written request from a Schiffert Health Center provider, or other licensed U.S. healthcare practitioner, must be presented. If you have not been seen by a provider, please contact the appointment desk at 540-231-6444.

If you have additional questions please contact the x-ray department at 540-231-7781 or


All radiologic procedures have charges associated with them. The billing statement from Accounts Receivable will list the charge as a “Medical Clinic" charge. Some insurance plans may reimburse the cost of X-rays with the submission of an itemized statement—these will be provided by the Schiffert Health Center business office upon written request from the patient.

The X-ray images and reports are legal medical records owned by Schiffert Health Center. CD copies of X-rays are available upon request.

Note: If there is any possibility that you may be pregnant, it is essential that you inform the technologist before the x-ray is taken.