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Nutrition Appointments

Schiffert Health Center has a registered dietitian on site available to students who may benefit from individual nutrition counseling and education. It is recommended that interested students first attend the Nutrition 101 workshop through Hokie Wellness to determine if further nutrition counseling may be needed.

Students with referrals from medical or counseling providers, or those with (past or current) disordered eating behaviors or severe body image disturbances, may make an appointment to see the dietitian directly.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

In order for your time with the dietitian to be spent effectively, it is helpful if you prepare a Food Diary a few days in advance. Food diaries can be a helpful tool in determining patterns and challenges with eating when used appropriately. The dietitian will review the food diary with you in order to best support you with any challenges that you are experiencing.

At your appointment, the dietitian will work together with you to best understand patterns and challenges you may be experiencing with food in order to best support you in creating a plan that can allow for realistic and lifelong changes in your health and relationship with food.