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Medical Holds on Student Schedules

Students will sometimes discover that a “hold” has been placed on their schedules. Schiffert Health Center places a hold on the schedules of those students who have an incomplete Immunization History Form (PDF). The Code of Virginia states that any student who fails to furnish their immunization history will not be eligible for second semester registration.

Schiffert Health Center also places holds on schedules of students who have resigned from school for medical reasons. Schiffert Health Center uses medical holds and readmissions for medical resignations. In order to remove this hold, the student must provide a letter from the professional health care provider (e.g. a cardiologist, pulmonologist, neurologist, or other physician) who is treating him/her for the medical condition. The letter must support readmission to the university. For further information, contact Phyllis Smith at 540-231-5313 or at

What to do if there is a medical hold on your schedule:

  • Call Schiffert Health Center Health Information Management at 540-231-0003 and inquire about the nature of the hold on your schedule.
  • If you are missing one or more immunizations, ask for the list of required immunizations/tests.
  • If you need to complete and turn in a copy of the Immunization History Form (PDF), it can be downloaded, mailed, or picked up from the Health Information Management department.
  • Obtain documentation and/or immunizations required from your home physician, Montgomery County Health Department (540-381-7100), and/or a local Blacksburg/Christiansburg physician.
  • Photocopy documentation for your records.
  • Deliver, fax or mail required documentation to:
    Health Information Management
    Schiffert Health Center
    895 Washington Street, SW
    Blacksburg, VA 24061
    540-231-0003 (PH)
    540-231-6900 (FAX)
  • When documentation is complete, the hold will be removed.